Session 2C | Dec 08, 2015

Session 2C | Dec 08, 2015

Work in process

Laura Martinez Moraleda
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  1. Neko says:

    Cool sketches! I dont quite understand the first sketch although i like the composition! :)

  2. Neko says:

    By the way, I remember you were talking about having a very “deep” interior perspective so that your entire “long” building can be seen, are you still going to have that view (I think it would be awesome). Probably it’s something along the lines of your second sketch, which, in combination with what we talked about in class (you also have a nice dramatic “cross section”, right?) could look something like:

    Just a suggestion, based on your sketches and what we talked about. Looking forward to see the next iteration of this, the project looks very interesting!

    • Laura Martinez Moraleda says:

      Hi Neko! Sorry for not replying before, i was focusing on the plans these days! The first sketch meant to represent the house on the mountain from the front, I have had several problems with that since it is supposed to be a south orientation and that wall is a window actually so I haven’t been able to set the light properly, I have decided to change the view for that render to make it easier to photoshop with my actual skills. Also for the second sketch in the begging it was supposed o be a view from the top of the stairs to the entrance, which created that dramatic effect, but I really like the idea you are suggestion me. Ill upload the first renderings I deed in the next minutes and Ill try to upload on the day the other rendering you are suggesting to see the effect before starting with photoshop. Thank you so much for the feedback!

  3. Neko says:

    The view from the top of the stairs is a really interesting and dramatic on, and you should go with it if the following is possible:
    – Background photo: you really need this one, the view behind the house. Do you have that photo (it would be awesome if you did)? What is the view in the back, I am asking because maybe (probably) you could find it online -see my comments to Nouhaila (unless it’s a very concrete view of a town or something)
    – Foreground photo (to make overlay over the grass seen in front): see my comment to Gonzalo’s render and how to overlay the texture of “rocks”.
    – Lighting: somehow the geometry of the stairs is not visible, maybe the concrete texture is too much. Do you have skylight? Maybe you’d also need a sunlight to cast a shadow over stairs so we can see geometry beter.
    – Building model: you need to articulate a little better how the house looks from this side – does it have an entrance door? Does it have columns? Right now it’s really difficult to understand how the house connects to the site (from the access point of view). Also, maybe the black roof it too black, so it looks more like a “hole in a hill” than a roof geometry. It may be easier to set the views with white model so the geometry of the house could be better seen and understood before diving into material.
    But yeah, I really like this view, and it should be your ‘main’ view if the above is possible.

    The other rendering (the one took “from helicopter”), I’m not very crazy about. I would prefer the view of a person standing on hill, or inside the house. Something like this:

    The advantage of this view, over the interior, is that we can see the relationship between the house and the site (this relationship is not quite clear from the access view – but that view is so freaking cool that I think you should keep it, as I said above). Try getting the shadows of your cool “exterior terrace structure” onto the exterior wall, to make this view even more dynamic.

    A question: you said the problem of your house is south orientation? i would say it’s advantage because sunlight comes from the south, so you can set it in such way to illuminate parts of your interior. Did you actually mean to say that the problem is NORTH orientation?

    • Neko says:

      btw, access photo: you probably want to make it very symmetrical (or very asymmetrical, but I don’t think that’s possible). Right now it’s ALMOST symmetrical, and you remember we should avoid “ALMOST something” conditions.

  4. Neko says:

    A few suggestions on the access view, from the composition standpoint.
    – Symmetry. Also note how “horizontal” lines really should be horizontal.
    – 1/3 rule (which will help you because it leaves less space for the background photo).
    – Value (brightness). See how the background is the brightest (to emphasize depth/distance, plus also helps if your photo is not perfect). Then also the access is a bit brighter than the surrounding vegetation so that it “leads” us in to the house (not sure how to explain this, just feels right).
    – Finally, more definition to the house, including seeing things inside (it will help if you have skylight), then the separation of the glass (if you have glass there), and then entrance door or something like that would help.
    – Texture: see how roof texture I used the one that has lines so that it can suggest perspective, this way we can understand geometry. My suggestion is that you render the house white and then add textures in photoshop so you have more control.
    – Sunlight: not sure the shadow wil llook like this (actually I know it won’t, unfortunately) but maybe some sunlight would help also understand the geometry of the staircase better.

  5. Laura Martinez Moraleda says:

    Dear Neko, thank you so much for the feedback! I re-centered the stairs with the view and took one of the meadow pictures in google as you suggested for Nouhaila. I didn’t understand well the comment on Gonzalo’s post, I tried to get the grass as believable as possible. I had some trouble thought with the 1/3 rule since either I followed or I had the right view of the stairs. I hope the render is good enough!

  6. Neko says:

    oh, ok this is the wall (below the roof), i thought it was the glass! cool.
    The image looks really good, and the grass is good enough.
    Only two things:
    – I think the roof looks too heavy this black – both in the image but also in the architecture. Did you double-check this roof material with Firat and Laura? What is this actually supposed to be, some sort of concrete? I would say go with some more neutral texture with less contrast. Maybe very bright concrete (or even white) panels, like one of the textures that I gave you, in maps/Concrete Finish/Concrete_Ando.jpg. Or even white roof, would be good because then we would perceive the building as a hole. It may even look good if the walls of the stairs are white (then you can add some texture overlay in photoshop), like I did in a couple of tutorials. The point is, this dark texture is distracting – whether on the roof or the walls of the stairs.
    Apart from this texture, just one question: how do the people enter the building? :)
    Because it looks like at the bottom of the stairs they are facing walls, no doors? :)
    Otherwise great work!

    • Neko says:

      Yes now that I look at your image again, I think if entire house (roof and the stair wall included) were of the same materials you made stairs (which is some very bright white-ish texture). Then your house would really work nicely as a white element in the landscape which is all darker (would look great as a “graphic design” on this rendering, too!).

  7. Laura Martinez Moraleda says:

    I did a quick fix for the white, I really like how it looks like. For the roof I wanted something black, so I chose that texture because it had the lines so to see the perspective. The “fun fact” about my house is that the wall is a door so when you are in it is like a hermetic box, the door is at the bottom of the stairs (maybe it is not that evident at first sight)

  8. Neko says:

    Looks great! The only thing (not a small thing): you need at least one more image (which can be a photo of your model): see task description, mandatory material. Otherwise really great work. If you still didnt print it, see if you can put a small photo of your model somewhere (ideally in some of the bottom corners). Thanks!

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