Session 0A | Oct 23, 2015

Session 0A | Oct 23, 2015

Wish i’d done this

nouhaila zergane


I really like this video because of its psychedelic dimension , while watching you’re completly immersed in this crazy world . I also like how disturbingly funny it is , and how it presents things considered as shocking or violant in the most trivial way , and by doing so it depicts the inevitable cycle of life and death in a rather amusing way . I aslo like the weirdness of the “plot ” in the sense that it feels like some of my very peculiar dreams can relate to it . 






Carmen , widely acclaimed opera by Georges bizet that starts with a metaphor “love is a rebellious bird that no one can tame ” . The main character Don José, in his naïvety , loses his balance and his spirit of life to the seductive Carmen . Today’s “Carmen” in Stromae’s music video , can be similarly represented by an all-too-familiar blue bird (Twitter’s bird/social media ), that has an insatiable selfish appetite . It is the symbol of our modern egoist consumer culture; our eagerness for more things with a nonchalant neglection of the consequences of their creation .

It’s a brave new world, where many people value “likes” more than actual human warmth .

Also , The level of detail in this piece of art makes it incredibly realistic and somehow pushes you to rethink your entire online existence .




Unreal architecture

At first glance it seemed to me like an oversized Rem koolhaas building for some reason , and the thing that really attracted me to the picture was its avant-gardiste side , and the way light and colour interact with each other in a fluid way . Looking more closely at the photograph’s leading line and how is was taken, the elements seem to converge one point and it gives a real sense of depth . The power of the image also resides in its symmetry and how it creates this new horizon and new spaces without ever creating a rupture between what’s real and what is not . It’s a very delicate and refined execution that captures and provokes almost ethereal feelings , feelings that could only exist in dreams . I just really admire chuck anderson’s style and love the fact that he is a self-taught artist , his pictures consitute a real source of inspiration for me . 

source :


Street art by banksy


Graffiti : art or vandalism ? this debate will probably never be settled as our visions of what is art or what should be considered as a public outrage and what shouldn’t are very distinct , nonetheless what is very clear to me is that banksy’s work is not meant to be locked away in some museum as his artistic work is very different , it carries a very strong message that only echoes in its original birthplace .

The first print strikes me as a heavy ironical and political commentary , the children seem to honor the Tesco grocery bag as they might honor their nation’s flag and show allegiance to a corporation rather than their homeland whick conveys a sense of shock and outrage . The only color that the artist chose to use in this art piece appears on the makeshift flag. This choice further accentuates the children’s fidelity to the plastic Tesco flag hoisted high. On the other hand , the children are depicted in soft grey, black and white paint .



Making sense out of this second one was more challenging , as in this comical piece we see Mona lina wearing her classic ambiguous facial expression and carrying what seems to be a bazooka rocket and wearing a headset as if she is a soldier . Perhaps what he is trying to convey  is  how numb people and soldiers have grown to war and violence , it became almost part of their everyday life , it no longer causes strong indignation or any sort of feeling for that matter , just like La Gioconda .


This last print is probably my favourite , it depicts the “homo sapiens demens”, as Edgar Morin would say , in the best way possible . This is can be interpreted as a subtle reminder of our human nature—and of those things that we’ve adopted that aren’t so natural because of our “wise madness “. But what comes up after careful consideration is the political undertone placed in this work and that suggests that all of those who consume fast food are like Neanderthals, one level below modern humans.


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  1. Neko says:

    Elephant Garden: Yep, it’s very cool, funny and disturbing. If you like this genre, you may like David O’Riley (although visually different than this), I would recommend his short External World:
    Also, for an authentic 70ies animated psychodaelia, you may want to see Fantastic Planet by René Laloux (1973).

  2. Neko says:

    Stromae’s Carmen: Good example and great observations!

  3. Nuria Hernanz says:

    I llove this <3

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