Visual wander

Class 00


The main and most striking reason i love this image is the colour. there’s so much warmth coming from it and it perfectly reflects the energy of this woman. i really like how they have combined the reality of a photograph that captures a personality and matched it with colours that represent the same visual personality. Another thing that i really enjoy is the combination of organic and geometric forms, and in this image in particular i like how their bold forms (lines and circles) contrast from the face. The white is like a crazy energetic side but it’s well balanced with the softness of the rest of the image, as though her energy is translated into pixels, an abstract reflection. Everything blends, matches and complements, without too much visual complexity.



Yet again the colours caught me, but for a different reason. This one is for the tranquility of the entire image. nothing is disturbed, nothing craving attention, yet it’s so effortlessly captivating as a building. It’s as though i can hear the image- or rather the absolute quiet of it. The building itself is magnificent- and the Scandinavian in me is loving all the white walls and perfect repetition, while the indian part of me is wishing the golden part of the temple was in sight as well. such a powerful place and yet a complete calm energy surrounding it, and i think this image perfectly captures that.



This is probably one of my favourite images- the domestication of a pyramid. It’s so powerful and almost visually offensive, but in a good way. The reason i love it so much is because of the clash of the elements. Two completely different things forced together, and both equally overpowering but for different reasons. The red is so deep and rich whereas the statues demand attention for their crafted perfection and historical values that we all know about. It makes me think of the little pyramids of brightly coloured spices of india, and the perfectionistic portrayal of things that europe is so fond of, being put together in a union but also a competition of beauty.



The feeling of comparative insignificance is what is the most intriguing here. the idea that we as people are far less significant than we think in terms of the raw beauty of the world, yet it’s with the same ignorance that we ruin the perfection of sand dunes that we significantly ruin and destroy. I love how vast the uniformity of the dunes is, like a never-ending expanse of the same orange blanket. And I love how it makes the person the main object of the image, but at the same time doesn’t give him any power.


What I really like about this image is the discomfort it will cause so many people, but at the same time visually intrigue them. We cannot deny the beauty of the insects, and their vibrancy and glow, like emeralds; but at the same time we are conflicted with the idea of having an insect crawling on our face. I like how it challenges most of the western world’s comfort zone and somewhat forces them to appreciate the beauty in societies that are taught to be closer to nature and it’s peculiarities.


This image pretty much sums up things that oppose the stereotypes of masculinity. The admirable beauty in strength is strong, but completely ridiculed by the juxtaposition with fruit. In really enjoy the perfect alignment of the two images, and the way it almost makes the two completely different elements one. It forces their meanings into one, and makes them fight visually for dominance of interpretation. Two beautiful images forged together to cancel each other out but also intensify their vibe.



Unable to resist some kind of architecture, i had to choose this image. But it’s not because it makes me think of a style i need to replicate or an architect that inspires me, but because it makes me think of things other than buildings and architecture. It’s more like a sculpture or an artwork, something to look at without considering inhabitation or the presence of man. I love the strength of the structure, with all of the rigid yet united forms, and the vibrant and bold pink. The shape of the building is nicely contrasted with the fluidity of water beyond it, yet the colours work together to unify the image as both are bright and attention seeking. And just like the image from the golden temple in india, the structure and geometry of the building is deeply satisfying from the conformed Scandinavian culture, but life is still brought to it with the strong colours always seen in places like india.


1) and 2): both of them very nice examples and great comments. I am very intrigued by the different sort of appeals you feel as coming from the different cultures, Scandinavian and Indian. I would suggest you try to illustrate this in your following examples - maybe one image that represent the beauty as felt by a Scandinavian, and another image illustrating the "Indian beauty". By doing a sort of an comparative analysis of both, you may be able to discover something new and interesting, common points as well as contrast between the two. All this will help you understand not only the way you perceive things, but may inspire you into new way to express yourself visually.
Thanks Neko! yes, I'll definitely see what i can find and i think that'll really be a good way to sort of get a cultural visual identity
Nice follow up with images #3 and #4!
By the way, please put together your homework and classwork in the same post (and then delete the other post). Thanks