Class 3E

Hey Neko!

At first, sorry for not posting stuff, I’m not very used to it, but I’ll try my best update you with what I’m thinking about.

So just to recap, the idea was to create this (device) that would assist and lead you to discover new ways and places around a city.

The idea came up when I was thinking how cool it is sometimes to just walk around OR (whats more important, but rarely happens) to choose discover new paths to already known points of destination.

The device would show the Destination as a compass pointing to North and Distance left to destination set in advance on Google Maps or similar navigating system.

Blue metal compass isolated on white background

I want to keep it very simple and limited in usage and focus on emotional response it would create with the user. At the same time I came up with some basic limitations- it has to fit comfortably in hand and be small enough to fit inside the pocket(while still held or attached? to the hand)


Here’s the first attempt to imagine the digital part (compass like screen) I picture it being quite modern and b/w ^

Right now I’m thinking about the form, the hardest and coolest part of design process

We talked about imagining or maybe actually filming or scripting a story where this product would feature but with its shape unknown. I haven’t done it but I ll try to actually film something this weekend, maybe it will help, just curious how it will affect my thinking, if it will.

For now I ll stick with the first two ideas I had:

  1. a hand-like form (quite creepy but creates a strong emotional response)
  2. some fluid shape that would enable the device to wrap and curve around the hand/wrist

Sketches to be posted and I’m looking forward to your feedback:)

PS. Urbanlust was just for fun but now I have some similar names on my mind like Walkabout! etc and I think it will be cool to express the concept in the name somehow. Short and sharp.


Hey I like your thinking. Also the titles are great, both of them. The digital interface is also very simple and clear, although I pretty much imagined it much more "analog". But it works, the amount of information is just enough for the product to work and feel the way it's intended. I would suggest a slight change, try to think of separating the "compass needle" from the distance indicator: Now the reason for this is that now, in any of the above events, we have a part that "rotates", which can now even be a physical disk (with a drawing of an arrow on it), and we have the fixed part. If you choose to make a physical object, this separation can help you simulate the way your product work, by putting a "rotating disc" on a real compass needle below it - it will only point to north, but we would get the feeling of how it would work in "real" situation.