Class 1D

This poster is a metaphor between the evolution of the human being, and the evolution of the weapons created by the human being that haveĀ been used, ironically, against the humanity.

On the one hand, I wanted to represent the evolution of the gender Homo, on the other hand, it is also represented how weapons have became more evolved too.

Humans are the most developed living creatures on this planet, as they are the owners of the most developed intelligence on Earth, that’s why I personally think that man must keep evolving (it is obvious that he has enough intelectual capacity) but in a different way, he must seek for peace, not the development of new weapons.


Thanks, Nuria. The evolution concept is similar to Daniel's (who didn't upload here, don't know why, but he did send me the final work via WeTransfer), but in different in a final tone - his is more like a pessimist warning, while you want to give some hope for a happy end :) Now I must say one thing - during the phase where we were doing abstract compositions, you constantly did excellent work and especially shown great natural talent for visual simplicity and subtleness. Unfortunately, this particular talent doesn't show in this poster, as if when adding a "meaning" to visuals (in order to tell a story) you simply want to tell too much at once. But don't worry, we can work through it - this is exactly the point of studies: to polish a diamond :) I will give you more concrete suggestions for this poster, as with everyone else, in the days to come, if you want to develop this further for the competition. In the meantime, take a look at some previous work you posted here, and then this poster, and then ask yourself: "Why are my abstract compositions so simple and poetic, and the poster so complex and overtly narrative?" Thanks, and don't worry about my criticism, I only criticise when I see someone can do much better - and the good news is: we'll get there! :)