Winter Scene # 5: Save Your Work For Print And Web


Previous Tutorials

This is the final tutorial of Winter Scene series:

Winter Scene #1: Starting With Sketches And Rhino
Multi-part tutorial series that will show you how to create the presentation posters, from first sketches to the final file prepared for print or web.
Winter Scene #2: Post-Production In Photoshop
Post-production is an essential process to bring life to the rendered images of your project.
Winter Scene #3: From AutoCAD To Illustrator
Illustrator lets you combine your drawings with images and other visual material in a much more visual way than AutoCAD. There are several ways to import your drawings from AutoCAD to Illustrator, each with its own advantages.
Winter Scene #4: Putting Things Together In Illustrator
This tutorial will show you how to compose your poster by bringing together different visual material such as drawings, rendering, photos and text.

Saving Your Work

Save For Printing

The file you want to take to printer should be in PDF format. Here’s how to make it:

Save For Web To Upload To This Website

As a part of your assignment, you need to upload your work to this blog. But before uploading final poster, I strongly suggest you upload work in progress so I can give you feedback.
Whether you’re uploading the final work, or work in progress, you have to use the following process

Now you can upload the photo.
Please do not upload AI, PDF or SVG files, and do not upload huge JPG images beause I will not look at them (and most likely blog will not even be able to display them)!

And you’re done!
It wasn’t -that- hard, right?
A lots of steps, but most of them under one minute!


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