Class 2C

Hi Neko, this is the render I’ve done so far, I would like to do a render of the hose from the outside but I’m having problems with the perspective and the ground…

I am quite happy with this image, but I don’t know how would it fit on the presentation board as I want the renders, the images, and the drawings to have a ”relationship” between each other, but I don’t know how to do that by now hahaha (I don’t even know if this image is going to be on that final board)

these are the sketches I’ve done for the presentation board


And this is the sketch of how I want the render of the outside of my house to be, I am having problems because I can’t make a ”nice” separation of the sky and the ground, I will try harder later this evening anyway!


so this is the first draft of the final poster, I’ve realised that I have messed up a little with the colors of some lines, I’ll change them for the next poster… and about the image I’ll try to photoshop it with the Burgos’ landscape

What do you think of the color combination? I’m not really convinced with it.


Still thinking…




wow, this is a really, really nice image! fantastic start on this!
as for the entire poster, i would strongly suggest you sketch various versions of the composition. in order for elements to have relationship, try seeing it all (including this image) as those abstract shapes we worked in the beginning. reduce this in your mind's eye to shapes of colors and contrasts. also see how these shapes could "continue" outside of their "frame" (for example, the verticals of your rendering can be aligned with the outline of your drawings, or the diagonal of the stairs can "continue" visually) by arranging drawings in that manner.
if you didn't already, download the 2D lecture and see the examples.
and then do some quick sketches and upload here, and we'll work from there.
btw- is this person too small? looks like he's around 1,4m tall only (judging from the perspective lines of the stairway). maybe i'm wrong though, but it does look a bit like that :)
thanks... after you get some sleep, let me see the sketches of the entire poster :)


By the way, I moved this post to 2C, let's keep 2D for finished work only, and 2C for all work in progress.


Also - please let me know what problems you are having with the exterior rendering - if you send me a sketch of what you are trying to achieve I may be able to help.


Thanks for sketches!
At first, I want to help you out with the rendering. Here are the steps to take:
- Do not try to "connect" the ground and the sky. Instead, find a good background photo (search Google) that is similar to the environment your house is located in. Ideally, this photo would have both the ground and the background: see my comments to Nouhaila and Neha -especially to Nouhaila where I told her how to search for background images-. I assume your house is situated in similar environment.
- If you can't find one photo, try finding two photos: one for the "ground" (for example, a grass lawn or a meadow in perspective) and other for the background (containing, for example, trees and the sky)
See this example for composition - green in the photo #1 (ground) and blue is photo #2 (background). I am not saying you should use blue/green colors in your image, I just used colors to mark the difference between the two photos:

- camera: put it on an eye-level, and your image will both look more natural, and it will be much easier to find a background photo.

Ok, hope these things help a bit.
My main point is: if you spend time looking for a good photo for background, you will save yourself a lot of time :)


By the way, another thing you can do for your exterior image is to try and maintain the aesthetic of "watercolor" background, as you did with this first image you made, keeping the same red-ish tones. In fact, that would be really awesome (but not very easy thing to do). See my comment to Ujal's post here about how to achieve the watercolor textures. You can also try and paint a real watercolor and put behind your rendering! :)


hey, I didn't see your 2nd rendering (the stars) when I made my last comment. I think it's a very interesting and well-though scene, but two things you need to really take care of:
- Perspective of the rendering is wrong, because your camera is too high. See the sketch, red line is horizon (it should pass through the "head" of the Van Gogh). See how I extended the perspective lines to show you how they should intersect (on the red line!).
- Also, use 2-Point Perspective in Rhino (Properties tab):

- Finally, the lighting. Your house is too bright, looks as if it's in broad daylight (it even has a sharp sunlight).
So I would turn off the sun first.
Then in photoshop I would make a blue overlay with Multiply blending mode, so that it looks as if the house is lit using only "blue" moonlight.
Something like this:


ps. I feel asymmetrical composition of the house perspective would work much better because your background (and foreground, with painter in one corner) is already asymmetrical. I know you're not big fan of asymmetry, but you did it yourself here :)


A few more comments:

I think you should in general brighten up the background or increase the contrast, because I am afraid when you print it, it will be too dark (things always turn out darker in print than on screen).

Also: I think these two renderings are too different. The interior one is much brighter while the other one is pretty dark. I am not sure they will look good together on the same sheet of paper. Not sure how to go about it. Ideally, I would try to get a second image (Van Gogh scene) to resemble more the first one, which would mean the daylight conditions and everything brighter and more red. Not sure... First try and see if you can make a good poster composition with these two the way you have it now.


ok I´ll change the illumination of the photo!
And about the final composition with the two photos, what if I change the background color from calid colors to other colors that would fit better with the second render? Will that be ok?
And is it ok if the background photo that I'm using in the render is not the same as the site photograph that we are supposed to use? Because my site photograph is too small to fit the render, and if I enlarge it, it loses quality


It's ok to use the background photo if it at least RESEMBLES your real site. But if you're house is -say- in Sierra de Guadarrama and you put the beach background it obviously can't work. :)
As for changing the color of the first rendering (interior), oh... I like that image so much it's hard for me to see it go... :) But do what feels the best for you :)


hi Neko! I'm going to change the second render right now, but about the first one, is it ok if I use it for the presentation board as it is right now even though the background (watercolors) has nothing to do with my Burgos landscape?


Well ideal would be if you could somehow create visual connection between the watercolor background and the other render. Not quite sure how, maybe by overlapping the burgos landscape with the watercolor texture on both renderings (something Ujal did in one of the images he posted, I mentioned it above: a section drawing with watercolor texture). Let's try to have the layout of entire board first, send me a low-resolution version (Save To Web>JPG, 707x1000px size), and we'll see how to finish it up.


Nice watercolor textures, maybe too intense color. But where's the Van Gogh rendering? :)


Also: looking at your green poster, I see that each drawing seems to be in different scale. Can you please make them all the same scale, and align them vertically in such way that the lines of the walls etc.. align. Also, to avoid misunderstanding, section and elevation should show the same side of the building, otherwise we will get confused. If you show section from "left" and the elevation from the "front", for us it looks the same (because they are of really similar shape/proportions) and we mis-read the house. Also rotate the plan in such way that there is consistency between the elevation, section and plan.
This will greatly improve the readability of the drawings, right now I need to make an effort to really understand the space from the drawings.