The Science of Beauty

Class 1A


1. Symmetry and depth

symmetry depth

2. Grouping and rythm

Grouping and rythm

3. Continuity and Movement

Continuity-stability Sofia

4. Closure and center alignment

closue and central alignment (symmetry)

5. Dominance in size and continuity

dominance by size continuity

6.Movement and center alignment

 Center alignment and stability- Sofia 2 copia


Images looking really nice! Maybe 3rd image may not reflect very well "stability", I feel the forms are very dynamic, despite the symmetry. I assume it's because of the curved shapes which almost always imply some sort of movement - our eyes are very much compelled to move along the curves (see example in 3rd lecture "Movement"). Especially because your "cut S" form makes a sort of a infinite curve, so eyes tend to loop around it. I'm exaggerating, because this all lasts only a fraction of second, but it does feel very dynamic (too dynamic to be perceived as "stable"). Otherwise, great work!
By the way, I like very much the "featured image" you have, the one of triangle/closure.
Thank you for your comments, I thought about how it could also imply movement but I was a bit unsure, now I can clearly see it. I will upload the rest tomorrow, as well as the triangle I have created and used as a background!