The Hidden Phone

Class 4E


        No one can deny that our smart phone is now a must-have device in our every day life and the most used thing we may keep on us, one should therefore be able to reach his phone fast and with simplicity. And this is the optic around which goes the ‘Hidden Phone’.

        Attached to the arm and only needing a one hand use, the gadget leaves a simple and fast accessibility to the phone for the user, but also allows and keep the freedom in movement. Getting a call ? A message ? or you just want to check out who liked your last Instagram picture ? A simple gest makes the phone slide to the owner’s hand, ready to be used! Besides representing the fastest and the easiest way to reach your phone, it might also be a protection against a potential thievery as it can be kept under the sleeve.
The ‘Hidden Phone’ is the only gadget your phone always needed.



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