The Ginger Jar

Ana Corina
Class 4E

The Ginger Jar

Meet the orange pack of accessories to make any mason jar join the ginger community. This is the easy way you’ve always heard for helping our planet.

After buying a jar of chickpea, we lose it or we collect it in a useless space in our kitchen. Whether your jars end on the trash or eating dust, the truth is they could be much more useful with a simple solution. The ginger jar is a set of accessories that transform your mason jar into any other kitchen tool. Stop wasting your jars and your money; use one of our orange attachments to have a new salt shaker, a bottle or a jug. Reusing can be as simple as bringing back to life a glass with ginger jar accessories.

Rhino Model

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Making of and Sketches

Making of and Sketches

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