The CoKit

Class 4E

The CoKit

Rhino Model:

The CoKit

Description of the Product:

This Kit is created by a set of tools made to fulfill the necessities of the college students at home.

The kit is composed mainly by an ergonomic handle to which you adapt a series of accessories to, for example open a wine bottle, scoop the left over Nutella from the jar or even cut vegetables without the need of a knife and a cutting board.

The entire kit is designed with an ergonomic shape that helps the user handle the tool. This shape not only helps the grip but also, the difference in materials: white solid plastic and silicone, provides a comfortable experience when using the object.

CoKit provides help to students so they can save time in the kitchen and spend more time working at university.


Wine Opener 2 JPG
Cutter JPG


Drawer Image
Wine Opener Final
Lengua Final
Handle Final
Cutter Final


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