Session 4B | Mar 20, 2017

Session 4B | Mar 20, 2017

Super Surface

Sebastian Arguello


Super surface

Smart table that transforms depending on your meals!

IMG_0443 (1)IMG_0444


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  1. Neko says:

    Hey man, at first, I hope you didn’t work on this alone (in which case, please add all the group members as multiple authors on this post).
    Secondly, I am curious to what you wanted to say in these images, especially the second storyboard which I can’t even begin to understand. :)
    As for the smart table, your sketches kinda fail to show how exactly it transforms – it looks to me that it’s all the same right? It only appears that some sort of images on it change as it functions as screen of sorts, right? But how exactly does it work, and what these images show? Is the screen in front of each person showing their Instagram feed? Or it does -hopefully- something else that would instead have us pay attention to our friends and the actual food, rather than sharing the photos of our food to people we never met? Does the table have a compartment that actually hides the food, and the only way to open it and access your meal is to put your phone there? Does it have some electromagnetic interference that makes our phones inoperables while we eat? All these details (or well -at least some of them-) is what should be presented in the story and be a part of the design itself.

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