Session 4B | Mar 20, 2017

Session 4B | Mar 20, 2017

Stretchable Seats

Anna Bonfigli

Sofia Focolari, Daniela Morin and Anna Bonfigli

Meaning: Because some transports are too long and people have to stay still, we decided to create a seat that can stretch in order to make people feel more comfortable. For example in long flights when people have to stand up to stretch, with these seats instead they can stay where they are and move their legs to stretch.


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  1. Neko says:

    I commented this in class, but I will repeat myself in written form, for posteriority.
    At first, please credit the entire team for the work (add multiple authors for the post).
    Then – when it comes to the stretchable seat- your storyboard does show the context, but in such a way that both the problem and the solution seem too familiar. So it’s hard to see what makes your design proposal so special and different than what exists now (stretchable seats in most airlines, train and buses). So to successfully represent an innovation that is based (and looks like) something that already exist, you must focus on showing the difference between your proposal and what’s already out there. Show some fringe/extreme situations in which the classical seat design may not work well. Then focus on particular action/poses/extra functionality that your seat posses. Ideally, the stories about the design really focus on extremes and special cases in order to emphasise the functionality (and in your case, show us the value compared to similar products). Also, see my comment on the work in class done by Haitam, Asmaa, Paula and Pedro on how to look for unpredictable to base your stories upon.

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