Session 1C | Nov 15, 2015

Session 1C | Nov 15, 2015


Claudia Pitti
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Hi Neko, this is a rough sketch of what i want to do for my poster but i feel it too simple. I have no idea what to do for the background, so I am open for suggestions!




I tried to save it as a pdf as you tell me but it doesn’t appear any web supported format. This is what appears when i tried to attach a pdf.


So here is also the SVG format



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  1. Neko says:

    All sketches are really good. Probably the thread undoing is my favorite of these. We’ll talk more tomorrow in class!

  2. Neko says:

    Nice! I have a few suggestion.
    First, whenever you feel you “need a background” that means that actually composition is not quite there yet :)
    If the composition is good, there is no feeling that something is missing. And instead of trying to “fill space” with a frame and these two lines, you can try how to emphasize composition with elements that you have: a child, a rocket and the text.
    Here’s one possibility:

    Note the following:
    You need more thickness in the “thread” to make it stand as a stronger visual element.
    Then you should use the same thickness as “end points” of arms and legs of a child.
    Once you make all this thicker, it will start having a visual impact.
    Than you can enlarge the drawing, which will emphasize the diagonal even more.
    Use blocky text to “ground” the child and finish the composition.

    Also, pay attention to how you’ve drawn the rocket and how I did it. It needs to “unthread” completely from the front, if you keep the spike, than the effect is lost.

  3. Neko says:

    This is now getting very close!
    For the text:
    – Check spelling, it’s DISARMAMENT :)
    – The font is now looking too thin compared to your graphics (that’s why I used that thick font). If you want to keep the serif font, try “bold” version maybe. Thicker font will also make the text a better “ground” for the child.
    – Text alignment is now not very good, because it doesn’t correspond with anything. If you want to keep it on the right side, then try at least to have the same distance between the text and the right edge as between the missile and the left edge. Or you can try and make text bigger like on my sketch, so that it aligns with the missile (on the left side) and the child (on the right side).

    Finally, the contact between the missile and the thread line could be better – right now it doesn’t feel like the thread is coming out of the rocket (you can see that line begins oriented towards the top rather than towards the rocket).

  4. Neko says:

    … and you can also try, with the contact between the rocket and the thread, to first continue the thread in such a way that it continue inside the “imaginary” outline of the rocket, and then gradually gets out of it (similar to my sketch). this puts a lot of emphasis on the idea that thread is coming out of the rocket, rather than being “connected” to the rocket.

  5. Neko says:

    Important: Please instead of SVG, when you upload to the website, use JPG (File > Save For Web). SVG makes me not see your fonts, so actually I don’t know what your poster look like, I see different fonts.

  6. Neko says:

    Thanks, looking better! The PDF is not in File > Save For Web, it’s in File>Save As.

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