Ana Corina
Class 1C
Sketch Poster Poster-1C

Option A


Option B (notice the change in the bombs)


Option CPoster-1C-5

Option D


Option E


Very interesting analysis of the context of the poster (floor, wall). The idea about brains in the hands is a bit scary though, it might send the wrong message - like we taken brains out of our heads as we no longer need them... :)
Ana Corina
Hi Neko! I had trouble deciding what to do with the empty paste and the background on my post. I think it talks for itself and it dosen't needs any text but I'm posting this first attempt to hear your feed back.
Hi! I prefer the option B because it's more simple. But the thing about the books: This looks too different from the other two - too much detail and too much colors. If you can make it the same level of detail and one color (doesn't have to be black), then entire graphics would look well balanced and even. Also, if you can think of some text, it would add focus, because right now there is a couple of different ways to understand this. Like people who read books don't care that others fight (but the problem with nuclear weapons is that they will also be victims, so taking passive role doesn't look like a smart or a productive thing to do). Just saying... :)
And where is the HA HA sketch ? Diffuclt, right? :)
Ana Corina
Hi Neko! Thank you very much for your opinion, it really helped me develop my idea. I made the changes you told me, it looks and works much better. Hope you like it, I'm anxious to keep improving with more feedback
The ones with the text: I must say, what a nice surprise! I haven't seen this coming, I mean this meaning, but you gave it a really good twist with the text. The imagination works better, both visually (the left alignment) and the meaning. Plus you made a really smart choice to play with colors in text, and in that way you used text as a visual element that connects the black outlines and the colored part of the drawing. Great work!
Ana Corina
I'm really happy to read your comment, thank you very much for your help