Session 1C | Nov 15, 2015

Session 1C | Nov 15, 2015


Paula Lopez Vallespir




IMG_1406 IMG_1405


Neko I am confused of which poster i should work on, can you help me choose one of these 2:

the first one is the silouhette of a tree and some weapons falling down as leaves do in autumn

the second one is like two eyes crying and the tears start being misil but then they become real tears.





UN Poster2

Neko, I am still not sure about the color of the background and also of the emptyness i was telling to you before. What do you think?


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  1. Neko says:

    Very nice! Keep the sketches coming. Watch out the format, which should be vertical (60x90cm).

  2. Neko says:

    I like the idea about the tears/rockets. It can looks very nice and minimal. The only thing I am not quite sure whether it would start with rockets and end in tears (which is what first comes to mind), or start with tears and end with rockets (which means that it’s human suffering and injustice that comes first and THEN the wars start) Both ways it can work well. I’d advise you start working on a layout in Illustrator, first try with basic shapes to see exactly where the elements will go and how many you need (maybe you need one more step between rocket and the tear, or one less?), and also the colors. Then you go into more detail, you know like “a sculptor”. This will turn out really nice!

    • Paula Lopez Vallespir says:

      Thank you so much¡¡¡ i will use that one :)

      • Neko says:

        Yeah and actually the more I think the more I feel that it should start with tears and ends with rockets.
        Think about a couple of words that could be added to strenghten the concept. Something like “hate begets hate” (courtesy of the film La Haine), but in this case it’s something like “injustice begets hatred” or something like that (the text could be relatively small and subtle, so your graphics is the main thing people see – and then they only see the text when they come closer). Maybe instead of “begets” which is a good word, but not very familiar, you can simply say “injustice creates hatred” or “provokes”…

      • Paula Lopez Vallespir says:

        Thanks I really like the sentence!!!
        I am trying to figure out where to place all the elements cause one side looks pretty empty! :s

      • Neko says:

        Don’t worry about empty space, it is also a part of the composition. No need to have everything filled up :)

  3. Paula Lopez Vallespir says:

    Ok I will try!! Also how can i get more fonts? Cause i want to try with different ones such as futura font and so on.

    • Neko says:

      Did you get the fonts I posted to DCC website, I mean on 1C category (at the top, Download Font Collection) font? You will find one version of Futura there (although bold only), and a similar Quicksand font. Otherwise, you must browse online. If you have an Adobe CS subscription, you can use TypeKit, which has a bunch of fonts (including complete Futura, I think).

  4. Neko says:

    Heh ok, so first read my comment to Claudia on 1C post:
    “If you feel the poster is empty, this is not because you need to add something but because the composition is not there yet”.
    First I’d suggest that the eyes must be stronger. Squint your eyes (or look at your work from far away) to see how strong, but they should have the same visual power as the tears/missile (tears/missiles are very well done!). Eyes need to be drawn with more care, with eyelashes the same length and same “radial” direction.
    As for color, I wasn’t sure – but I’ve put yellow because it’s very attention calling so your poster will be seen from very far away! :)
    Finally, make sure you create hierarchy in your text! The big title about hatred must be much more prominent than auxiliary text (70th anniversary…)… One extremely important thing: do not stretch text (I think you’ve stretched text vertically, because I don’t think any font would look like that in a narrow version). This is super important. Never change proportion of font (or an image/photo, for that matter).

  5. Neko says:

    Also the reason I changed font is because this one is more more “visible” on screen. All this contributes to the fact that now poster doesn’t look empty :)

  6. Paula Lopez Vallespir says:

    Thank you Neko! it looks better now. Can you tell me which font have you used?
    thanks again for all your feedback :)

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