Session 1C | Nov 14, 2015

Session 1C | Nov 14, 2015


nouhaila zergane
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  1. Neko says:

    Excellent sketches. I have same comment to you as to Tamami: while these are all good sketches, they all belong to a sort of “pessimistic” group of concepts. Just for the sake of exercise, try a completely opposite direction, “optimistic”, and see what comes out. Sometimes it’s very useful trying to think of two completely contradictory directions for the project – there is always something new to learn from that!

  2. Neko says:

    Also try to push towards more visual and less text language (so that it would be universally understandable).

  3. Neko says:

    This “Delete File” sketch is quite interesting!
    And of Ali and Foreman, every time I look at the image, they look like wearing Lucha Libre costumes with peace and nuke masks… :)

  4. nouhaila zergane says:

    Hahaha yes it seems like it , and i was wondering if i should pursue on the delete file idea or should i go with the one i showed you in class about the the pixel-ated- earth it the context of the brick breaker game ?

  5. Neko says:

    ha, good question, whether to go with the delete file or the brick breaker… delete file is maybe a more direct message, but then the brick breaker game sounds like so much fun! do whatever you feel like doing, and if you can’t decide, toss a coin a few times :)

  6. Neko says:

    Color sketch: You’re on track. I like how you gave impression of movement of the “ball”!
    However, the pixelated illustration needs more work.

    One general note first:
    – Pixel size for entire illustration must be the same, otherwise the concept fails.
    This mean the globe, the ball, and the missile (which should be pixelated!) should should all be made of the pixels of the same size.
    – Pixel art demands absolute precision. No overlaps and no gaps between pixels.
    I suggest you look into Illustrator’s GRID it will make you much easier to draw.

    Now let’s see individual elements.
    First the missile:
    – it needs to be pixelated, too
    – it needs to have more contrast from the background (it’s barely visible, and from distance I’m sure it can’t be seen).
    I suggest trying white, yellow or red. Also I’d suggest painting the “ball” the same color as the missile, to see if they “connect visually” better.

    – It needs discipline, all pixels must be the same size, aligned with each other, no overlaps (try using the Grid)
    There are good parts (around Australia) where the pixels maintain the same size (but just for a moment), and in the rest we have too liberal treatment, with pixels of different sizes:

    One example of “pixelated Earth”:

    – “Don’t let them win” may be unclear. Who is them – missiles? Because one could think of “don’t let the other side win”. Please have in mind that usually in this type of the game WE (the player) control the bat – however in your illustration it is the missile. This inverts the usual reading of the game so I would avoid using words such as “we” or “them” because it is unclear on whose side you want to position the viewer.
    Something neutral like “Nuclear war is a losing game.” or “Game over – nobody wins” would work better (actually game over wouldn’t work because the game on screen is not finished).

    And then it would help to have a pixelated font, too. Check one of these (I suggest you use the more simple ones):
    Pixel Fonts

  7. Neko says:

    Also, make the earth more “broken”, like more pieces are missing already :)

  8. nouhaila zergane says:

    thank you for your feedback! actually i copy pasted the same square but for the “edges”of earth i changed the opacity and the contrast was really high so i overlaped them to kinda cover it up but i realized it wasn’t working but i just needed to submit something for criticism before pursuing work thanks again :)

  9. Neko says:

    I know, drawing pixelated circles is difficult! I know I drew a LOT of them back in the 1980ies :)
    Check out this image for reference:

    (click the image to open in higher resolution)
    It’s all about “mathematic progression”. Use this as a guide, depending what size of circle you want (size in “pixels”)

  10. Neko says:

    Also – my suggestion: first try to make a pixelated rocket in the least number of pixels you can (what I want to say to make pixels as big as possible). Then you’ll know how big your pixel will be for the rest of the image (because it’s difficult to get the rocket made in big pixels).

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