Session 4C | May 10, 2016

Session 4C | May 10, 2016


nouhaila zergane
nouveau document 20_1Capture d’écran (43) Capture d’écran (40) Capture d’écran (38)i know it not there yet with the shape , it’s due to the lack of sketches in the initial stage and i apologize for that , but i tried to work on the shape and here’s the result so far 



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  1. Neko says:

    Nice. Talking about the shape of the object, I am not sure shich one I prefer. I guess the right one because it looks more iconic.
    Sketches are quite good. I like the top view for the hero shot because of the iconic form of the object. Although I would probably prefer to give it a very soft lighting from one side, so that it throws a long soft shadow. You may even want to put the feet in this image – either one foot covering one side, or just feet “ready” jump on to it.
    As for the lifestyle shot, it would be good to show the object more from a side so we can see the round bottom of it. Also note that since the bottom is not a sphere but a cylinder, you should show the SIDE view, not the front (so we see the bottom curve). A couple of sketches below. Notice how I used the profile show with the chair, and how your product is inclined to suggest the movement:

    Also, make sure you have a friend (or yourself) ready for the “foot photo shoot”.

  2. Neko says:

    Finally, a couple of notes about the design of the product:
    – the top surface must have holes around cylinders so that it shows the cylinders have space to rotate.
    – cylinders themselves shouldn’t be so smooth as in your model, because then they do not perform any “massage”. Google the images of real wooden massagers to see how these cylinders actually have some sort of knots and little bumps and try to recreate that.

  3. nouhaila zergane says:

    i made the changes , i’ll post a couple of screenshots but i’ve been trying to render with Vray the whole afternoon but it’s refuses to function . I’ll try installing it again and post the render by the end of the day and thank you for the feedback :)

  4. Neko says:

    Oh yes, this looks much better now, the new screenshots.

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