Sink City

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Sink City

´Sink City´, a named derived from the phenomena of sinking cities around the globe due to disastrous climate change. Global warming and rising sea levels are heavily linked to overuse of resources by humans. Water, a precious resource and significant element for survival, is taken for granted more often than one can imagine. Every morning, people use the sink and usually overuse water without thinking twice. A sink plug in the shape of a city, and it drowning in the sink will caution the user about their actions and their consequences. The action of one person is reflected upon the entire population. The idea of climate change affecting every person on this planet, irrelevant of their socio-economic, ethnicity, or geographic background, is the reason ´Sink City´ can be considered ´superusual´. If you see the city sink every day in your sink, it would eventually impact your thought-process and thus your actions. Global warming is not a prediction. It is a reality, one that happens in our sinks every day.

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