Session 3B | Dec 01, 2016

Session 3B | Dec 01, 2016

Session #8

Linda El Zaher


Career objectives:

It’s astounding to just think of the different styles and designs that are used to build the streets of countries all over the world. As a person who is deeply inspired by even the smallest details around, I find designing to be the sculpting of words and thoughts into a structure, thus a building. I personally enjoy gathering inspiration (whether it’s from music, landscapes… etc.) and designing the exterior of a house or building. Other than that, I am also interested in interior and furniture design. I could say that I’m a person who challenges one’s self by trying to design (whether it’s the interior and exterior) in an innovative way that deviates from the norm.


Things that interest me (My hobbies)

Projects to be included in portfolio:

Models, drawings, paintings, sculpture…



IMG_2968 (1)

The idea for my layout of the portfolio is making this kind of a connection between two pair of pages. This connection is made by either a rectangle that elongates along both pages containing information or adding images and text forming the shape of the rectangle. I also wanted to use in some pages the idea of putting media (whether image or text) in the center of the page to maintain this kind of balance.


IMG_2967 (1)

I have made some modifications concerning the information that I will use in my portfolio.





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