Session 2A | Nov 15, 2016

Session 2A | Nov 15, 2016

Session #5

Linda El Zaher




Holocene -Bon Iver

Having to pick one song out of a million remarkable songs that portray different styles, atmospheres and moods was a bit tricky but funneling all my options down I chose Holocene by Bon Iver. Revealing the meaning that lies within this song is challenging but I’ll just put on my headphones allowing my emotions to do all the talking.

Starting with a beautiful guitar harmony, the song sets you in an ambiance that could be described as being heavenly mainly because of this essence of purity and perfection that echoes throughout the entire song. The voice of the singer along with the picture the words and melody convey sets a mood of euphoria and pureness. Holocene designates the presence of an epoch by means the beginning of something in a certain time that has made an impact on history. Throughout the song the singer portrays the different stages in his life and how they all intertwine together. At one point in his life he indicated the imperfection he feels for himself as he said “I was not magnificent” while witnessing perfection and beauty. In this time interval the song portrays to us a scenery that is too beautiful that it makes one drift away from the real world “strayed above the highway” wanting to see the beauty of the world described as the “miles and miles and miles”.

I picture this moment as one hunting in the forest being focused on his task when he looks at the endless ocean of trees and the serenity of the forest that he gets drifted away from the real world. He would look at his own reflection in the lake water and feel so imperfect and small. One then realizes how small of a fragment he is compared to the magnificence of the world.

“Someway, baby, it’s part of me, apart from me”

“And at once I knew I was not magnificent
Strayed above the highway aisle
Jagged vacance, thick with ice
And I could see for miles, miles, miles”




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