Session 4B | Mar 20, 2017

Session 4B | Mar 20, 2017

Session 4B

Clara, Marina, Sandra


Kickstart – Housing in a Stadium

Clara, Marina, Sandra

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (2) IMG_3981 FullSizeRenderExercise 1: Storyboard for airport security


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  1. Neko says:

    Stadium: I like very much the simple and efficient thinking behind your design proposal. I had something completely different in mind (as a possible solution) when I wrote the design brief, and I like your proposal better because it -in a way- seems what Apple’s designer Jony Ive would call “inevitable”.
    I am also impressed by super nice way to explain what goes where by making a simple paper model and hence “drawing in 3D “. This is fantastic, and goes beyond what I expected in this exercise.
    As a way to explain the project, your sketches work perfectly well.
    However they may not work equally well (not nearly as well) if they were supposed to be a storyboard, so more care should be put into this at the moment you decide to start planning your videos (I mean, whatever project you decide to work on). What you have now is a collection of images that are not interconnected, and while these CAN be forced into a video, the resulting video may lack the continuity and flow and would merely look as a collection of disparate scenes and situations (which in some cases may serve its aesthetic purpose, although I don’t think in this case it would do your idea any good).
    So a simple storyboard may follow one single person through several situations throughout the day. It’s probably the simples and most straightforward way to do this. Another way to do it is to start with one person until he/she interact with someone, and then that someone else takes over the protagonism (the story follow that person) until further contact, and so on. Any way you decide to do it, it should offer a bit more continuity.
    Otherwise, this is truly a fantastic work.

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