Class 4B

Class Group – Angel, Ege and Jason.

We were focusing on the colonization of the public buildings, in concrete, the stadiums; thinking how we could bring living spaces and stadiums into one building or structure.

This are some ideas of the structure’s shape:


This is an idea of our storyboard of moving of people inside the structure:



I like how you focused on one particular aspect of the design brief (in this case - circulation, moving the people). This can be a good way to do a design project in the field of critical/speculative design: you don't have to design everything - especially when tackling such a big design problem as this huge housing megastructure. So instead of that, you can focus to design just one piece, one aspect of it, but then you should go deeper into that.| More specifically, you should have first have a sort of design, for example some system of spaces and partitions that direct the people movement. The design must be something you can actually make, either as a scale model in real life, or a 3D model. But it needs to exist as something "concrete" rather than just an abstract idea or a diagram. Then, when you have the design, you should show how that design affects people. Again, you may want to focus on one person or a small group and follow them through your circulation scheme. Try showing not only how the design works, but what sort of emotional states it may cause in people? Do they feel great are free, or does it feel a bit like prison? See my comments to work posted by the group of Clara, Marina and Sandra on how to base a story. Also see my comment on work by Cecilia, Beltran and Borja on comment on emotional/social implications of our design.