Session 3A – Reflection

Class 3A

What do i want to do

I want to work in design and the organization of cities, I have always been more into urbanism and the idea of cities. Integrating the landscape architect skills with urbanism would be really interesting for me.

Where i would like to work

At a studio where I can be part of something that interests me around people who feel passionate about their work so they can inspire to work one day as they do. I do prefer a smaller studio, where more work will have to be done and where I would get to know the people working even better.

what kind of work

I do not have a preference, whatever comes, I think one should have experience in multiple fields, not settle for any ‘type’ of work, but as long as what the people you are working with are doing things that you feel passionate about, that would be enough for me.

kind of work i will be showing

Different drawings using different techniques, models, sketches, photographs, plans…Everything that will help portray the kind of person I am


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