Session 2A | Nov 14, 2016

Session 2A | Nov 14, 2016

Session 2A




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Taylor Swift


This song is about a girl who is a serial dater, who seems to be the “perfect” girlfriend but then, once she starts dating a guy, he realizes how crazy she really is. This song portrays this contradictory persona.

The primary emotions tackled are contradictory, this contradiction is the interesting aspect of this song, and how love and hate, this perfection and disaster of relationships are portrayed throughout the whole song.

There is no specific environment, in which this song is based on, but from a metaphorical point of view, this song has a flow, where firstly, the portrayal of the perfect relationship is presented, and as the song goes along, there is an evolution of the main character, the girl, where she goes mad and the negative aspects of the relationship start to flourish.

Picturing an image of this verse, I want to portray as a structure this contradiction, this element that seems to be perfect but then evolves into something completely opposite.

“Magic, madness, heaven, sin”






My Chemical Romance


This song is about how you should speak your mind freely, be motivated by life even if there are people who will bring you down, the main purpose of this song is to show how you need to stay positive and be an optimist by not letting negative people bring you down.

The main emotions expressed in this song are optimism, happiness and positivity. The tone is really important, as this song’s lyrics are really repetitive; the melody gives an atmosphere and life to the song.

The atmosphere is probably related to teenage environment, as the lyrics mention “girls” and “boys”.

The overall picture of this verse and song is with a childish atmosphere and with a strong statement, as this song is about strength and being able to overcome ones own problems.

“Every time that you lose it sing it for the world”




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