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Classwork + 1st homework = excellentwork! My suggestion: try playing around with brightness/contrast using Levels in Photoshop, I think you can get even better look for your renderings.
One helpful tip I forgot to mention in class: When making black/white images usually to get really impactful range of greys, it is suggested that a black/white image should contain either pure white, or pure black. Which basically means you should play with levels and adjust white or black point. If your image is relatively bright, then you should take the brightest point of the image and make it a white point (in Levels interface). If your image is relatively dark (which is a case with your staircase image), then you should take the darkest point and make it black. See tutorial I posted on 1A if you’re not sure how to use Levels, or check info online.
Another suggestion for the spiral staircase image: Change camera perspective from "Perspective" to "2-Point Perspective" to make sure the vertical lines are 100% vertical. See the related tutorial I posted to 1B for details.