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Attachment-1Tree IMG_0572Divergent Thinking: Ice Cream Cone

Hunting Beauty

IMG_0567Day 1

The first thing that came to my mind after seeing this picture was a feeling of solitude. Being on your own, away from everything, without giving you the feeling that there is this void, this emptiness that needs to be filled. What strikes me aswell is the lack of colour. There is a light transaction of light yellow from the sun to this orange collour of the ground.

IMG_0069Day 2

This picture was taken by my brother. I love how these vast woods get simplified from this distance, until the point that they just look like inkdrops or stains on a paper. Looking from up there you just achieve this kind of serenity that is unable for you to get from an down-to-earth view.

IMG_0571Day 3

(This image is on it’s side)

This cobweb of wires is so intriguing because the complexity of the construction is contradictory to the simplicity of an ordanairy city road. The green complements the bleu on the building perfectly, creating this union. I love how the verticality of the builings is broken by the use of these horizontal components.

IMG_0569Day 4

The first thing that grabs your attention is this picture is how the water is functioning as a natural mirror. This “mirror” creates this perfect symmetry between the projection on the water and reality. Another interesting aspect is how the rocks on the bottom and the projection on the lake collaborate the create the illusion of the existence of another Mountain.

Day 5


These colours mix in to eachother so fleuntlyn like they are being dropped in a basin af water, giving it this feeling of movement. What i like is the fact that at first sight you don’t notice anything but the colours, but then when you look at it closr go see these shapes and formes that your minds creates. after looking at this picture for a while i started noticing the shape of a puppy in the lines, while other peope saw something entirely different.

IMG_0056Day 6

This picture concentrates on the verticality. The horizon gives this subtle distinction between the ground and air. Two colours dominate this picture, the gentle bleu and the granular brown of the dirt. Yet again this picture is surrounded by a feeling of solitude that was also present in the first picture.

20140706_221858Day 7

This picture is all about contrast between the the ground an the sky. The sky shows it beautiful colours during ┬áthe sunset, going from bleu to pink and orange. At the same time the ground gets deprived of all it’s colour that it had during the day, it’s all being replaced by this thick black. These to elements meet in the center of the picture where they collide but do not join.


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