Session 4E | May 13, 2016

Session 4E | May 13, 2016

S-tool, organize yourself

Adrián Paz

Simple, portable-friendly and useful. Three in one.

This super new object is made of 100% metal. It consists in an s-curve, which creates this outstanding shape that can be used in a lot of ways actually. We wanted to patent it to be attached to trousers or to a belt and it allows you to bring little objects with you. As the steel can be bended, you just need to modify it and it will stay tight to whatever you put on.

Lighter, pens, a pen drive… Even you can roll your earphone in order to get the accurate measure so the cable doesn’t bother you when walking.

However, the possibilities are almost infinite. Thanks to its versatility, everyone is able to come up with a different use. It is said that functions create organs. We also believe that it can be the other way around.





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