Session 2C | Dec 10, 2015

Session 2C | Dec 10, 2015


Adrián Paz
Render Render

Good evening, I wanted to know how my render is going. I’m trying to get an image from the inside of the house (bathroom) of the view. I want it to be during the sunset, but these colours don’t fit very well and looks so unrealistic.

Besides, I uploaded the original render image, so you can see if I have to change something in that previous step.

Thank You!


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  1. Neko says:

    Hi! I think this is a good start but there could be several things to improve.
    – First I think it would be nice to see a little more of interior, so we could understand the interior space. Right now, the image is cropped too close to the window so it’s hard to figure out what’s the space inside. So I would probably prefer moving camera back a little.
    – As far as the dusk colors, you are very close. I would advise to, whenever you want to make any kind of effect, look at nature and analyse what’s happening in reality. In this case, you may want to search Google Images for “sunset” or “dusk” and see what the colors are. You are correct that the colors at this time of day are generally very red, and in general you’re right – maybe your colors are not realistic, but we can understand that it’s probably dusk right after the sunset. So I would say it’s good enough :)
    If you want more realistic sunset, it would involve several things:
    One quick trick I often used is – find in images I gave you, in Environment an image called “Dusk” or something like that, then add as a new layer, above all layers, and set it to “Overlay”. This will usually color the layers below it in a somewhat realistic sunset colors.
    If that doesn’t look realistic enough, more work in both Rhino and Photoshop is needed:
    – changing Rhino skylight to something more dark blue and the sunlight to some shade of orange.
    – Then in Photoshop, modifying the background photo so that you put a real sunset sky instead of existing sky (probably easiest is to add a new “sunset” layer with Multiply blend mode – although may not work well without more complex operations). Plus maybe the color balance so that dark areas of the background photo (and maybe your render) get more blue and light areas go more orange. This is actually very similar to what you’ve done already, only now there would be more blue colors especially in the dark areas, not only red.
    But I would say, keep it simple – you don’t need to make a super photorealistic image.
    – show more interior (maybe think of rule 1/3 when making a composition so that maybe your window occupies 2/3 of the image).
    – try to overlay Dusk.jpg (not sure what’s exactly called) over everything, and then play around with color balance.
    And I think it may be good enough. If not, post the results here and we’ll see where we can go next.
    Very good image so far, though, thanks for posting! :)

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