Class 2C
Sin-título-12 :(I’m sorry but I had no enough time to finish it

I’d like to know how can I make it look more realistic, because now it looks like a drawing and not like a proper rending…



Great start, really!
First thing, I think the composition and especially the color palette is beautiful - of course, if you can change the viewport proportions in Rhino to make it more "vertical" and capture the image again to file, composition will look even better!
But I am glad to see that your great talent is coming back, and this image really shows that!

A few suggestions:
- As I said, try exporting another image with a slightly "higher" viewport (if possible, I don't remember what exactly was the problem, try if you can to "maximize" viewport - meaning double-click to show only one big instead 4 small viewports, then export again).
- Camera: right now the camera seems a bit too low (not sure what is the size of your shelves, but looks like your camera is at 90cm from the floor). Maybe you can try raising camera a bit, see if it feels more natural.

- Is there a roof/ceiling in this house? :)

If you want to make it more realistic (although you don't HAVE to - remember, the goal is to make a beautiful and good image, not necessarily the most realistic one), you'd need to reinstall Rhino in order to enable its renderer.
Alternatively, you may try to download Neon plugin (it's free), that will let you render better quality image right inside of your viewport, so then you can CaptureViewportToFile that looks photorealistic. With Neon you won't be able to use real "Rendering" (clicking the Blue Sphere icon) but you will have a very photorealistic image right in your viewport. In fact, Neon has a better quality photorealism than Rhino's own rendering.
To activate Neon (after installing it), you simply change the visual style of your view from Artistic (which you have now) to Neon, and wait a while (it starts very noisy and then clears up the image after a while).
But you may even want to investigate this nice white lines style because it's looking really well!
We'll talk more on Thursday,
thanks - great work :)