Class 3A

What I want to do:

In the future I would like to work either as a residential architect or building hotels. I would like to focus on design rather than actually building. I would also like to travel a lot at least at the beginning. Since I also like photography and fashion I would also like to work on soemthing that may relate at least a bit with these other two topics.

Where I would like to work:

In the beggining I would like to work in a small firm in order to learn as much as I can but then move into bigger firms to get a better idea of the architectural world.Also I would really like to work in different firms all around the world, this with the same purpose asbefore to learn as much as I can. But in the end I would like to have my own firm with independent projects.

What kind of work I have to show:

It includes models, sketches, drawings, plans, sections, images, etc. But I dont think I have enough material gto show, which is one of my main concerns.


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