Session 3A | Nov 29, 2016

Session 3A | Nov 29, 2016


Magdalena Stainer


Architecture and Design has already occupied me when I was a child. Early on I began constructing houses and then rebuilding them.
At the age of 13, I had my first architecture course at the Herz-Jesu-Gymnasium in Salzburg. We were not only shown how architects are involved in designing a building and how important the artistic competence is (see portfolio), but also how to build models and finally present them.
During my school days at the Akademisches Gymnasium in Salzburg, I attended further courses to develop myself on this topic. For my matura, I wrote the pre-scientific work “Gentrification in modern urban planning using the example of the „Banlieue” in Paris.
After completing my school-leaving exam, I took part in art and language courses in Salzburg and informed me about studying architecture with a well-known architect who has studios in Vienna, London and Barcelona. I had a few internships in Austria, Germany and England. There I learned how versatile the profession of the architect is. In addition to the artistic aspects and plans, the focus is on the uncompromising abilities to meet the needs of the customers.

During my internships I found out that I definitly want to do my master studies in America or England and then work as an architect, having my own studio. I am really into sketching, model making and designing, thats why I am looking forward to work in an creative modern architecture studio, finding solutions, inventing new things, and work together with a group.


Works in my portfolio: drawings, photography, models, images


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