Session 3A | Nov 29, 2016

Session 3A | Nov 29, 2016



What I want to do:

=> As an architect of the future, I want to be able to give back to the world that has given me so much. My focus will be mainly on sustainable architecture that will benefit both the customer and their natural surroundings. One of my inspirations is Souto de Moura alongside his multiple works. Instead of making the surroundings fit his future building, he makes the building shape itself so that it is able to fit in to its new habitat instead.

I believe that we should cherish our surroundings and use our collective architectural knowledge over the years to create the best possible residential for all the living around us.


Where I would like to work:

=> After my graduation, I would like to spend a few years side by side architects in a studio who will guide and push me around so that I can excel past my current state.  Being under the same roof with experienced architects can open my eyes to all the possible ways one could convert imagination and creativity into reality for everyone has a unique way of achieving the same goals at times.

One group that I look forwar to be apart of is the L 35 architects.


What kind of work I have to show:

=> The work I have to portray include a variety of  models, sketches, drawings, plans, sections, images, etc.


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