Session 3D | Apr 18, 2016

Session 3D | Apr 18, 2016

Prototype Idea



IMG_20160419_004818Hey Neko..kind of transitioned into developing a new idea IMG_20160419_004841


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  1. Neko says:

    Umm… Interesting, although not quite understand how it works. The problem I see in general is that the object is too mechanical, and has a lots of engineering, but not much in terms of design. And the emotional connection to the objects we make is one of the important elements, or that they tell some story. In a way, you were solving a technical problem (which is good), but not only that we don’t get to relate much to the object, or use it directly, but it actually helps us run even more on autopilot – which is exactly the opposite of the project bried (superusual). The point is not to care LESS about the plants (hence the automatic system) but to care MORE about them – something that would make us pay MORE attention to plants, not less. Maybe try to think of reverse concept. Instead of automatic watering, some fancy new fun way to manually water the plant, and care for them?

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