Class 3D

Hi Neko! Here is my prototype, there are two pieces: the part that holds the finger and the part that covers the nail. I don´t know yet which could be the best way to put them together and to make the part that covers the nail move. I will upload pictures of the prototype in the finger when It dries. (Please help me with this!)

For the prototype I used the measures of fake nails, which are the measures of “universal nails” that are supposed to fit in everyones nails.

I´m a bit concerned about the fact that I don´t know if it will work, I´m kind of thinking about putting a step back and change my object… But I don´t know what would I do. I would like to hear your opinion.

Thank you.

Prototype 5Prototype 4 Prototype 3 Prototype 2 Prototype 1 Prototype on Finger 2Prototype on Finger



Nice start! When you say you are concerned if it will work, do you think if the nail cover will fit the other "ring" part? Don't worry about this right now, let's try to make a 1:1 simulation of the real product. There are several ways to go about this anyway, but first I suggest you take the prototype and show it to Maxon and Elena and ask them for advice on the best way to produce this - probably by using some moulds and casting a soft rubber/silicon into this.