Session 3E | Apr 20, 2016

Session 3E | Apr 20, 2016


Claudia Pitti
13020036_1048038888588153_329591932_nNot the final one but i am playing with the forms and the ideas. I really like the idea of it fitting on the thighs so is understandable when you see it that is supposed to fit your body.


Still i am thinking that the length of it needs to vary in a retractable way so different books can fit the holder. And finally the clamps working with pressure are on the side and not on top so its easy to change every page, without having to open or close it every single time.


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  1. Neko says:

    Interesting! Looking forward to see it tomorrow. I didn’t understand the part about how the clamps work, but you’ll tell me tomorrow.

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