Session 3D | Apr 13, 2016

Session 3D | Apr 13, 2016


nouhaila zergane


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4 responses to “Prototype”

  1. Neko says:

    Coffee mug: actually, when we were kids, all of us were carrying one of the glasses like this to school. You know, the collapsible glass/mug, made of concentric cylinders that can be expanded like a “telescope”. I am sure that kind of product is still around, so you might want to look for it online, search for “collapsible mug” or “foldable cup” online, and your problem is gone! :) (nowadays they are mostly made of foldable silicon, while back in the days they were “telescopic” hard plastic rings).

    As for the leg hammock, it’s an interesting concept, although too “soft in material” so that it could be a product for this class. Although you can try something else for people to do with their feet while they work (I assume that was the idea, right?). You may want to try something between a wooden feet massagers, and the balance board, for example:

    Your concept certainly has a lot of potential to grow!

  2. Neko says:

    Interesting concept, with the strap, but I kinda like better the combination of massager and the balancer. Could be a pretty cool product!

  3. nouhaila zergane says:

    Mmm ok then , how should i go about making the prototype , do i try to buy the the objects and find a way to merge them or make them from scratch ?

    • Neko says:

      That’s a good question. My first impulse is to tell you to buy and combine the objects. You can probably try by combining the foot massager with a salad bowl which has a hemisphere part. But also have in mind that your project is more than merely putting together two existing products. That IS a starting point, but you need to give your object a personal touch, something that makes it special – Superusual.That can be a smart spin on its ergonomics – which you can test through prototype, try it out and see how you can make it more comfortable. Or it can be by creating such form that appeals to our emotions – whether being funny, witty, dramatic, symbolic… Or both things – if you achieve that, you may well be on the way to your first million dollars (I assume it’s first, but maybe you already earned one :))

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