Session 3D | Apr 12, 2016

Session 3D | Apr 12, 2016


Paula Lopez Vallespir
12991863_999924646744093_1964834169_oHello Neko,
I wanted to change the idea because i was really inspired by the narrative examples so i decided to base my prototype on that part. I want to make people conscious of the climate change so i have been thinking on diffrent objects that can be used for this.
The first two ideas are based on how the earth is feeling, so in the case of the sink whenever you use more water than what you need he earth begins to flood. In the Next case (world candel) when the candel wears out the earth is going to be covered by the wax and this is the metaphor of how we are killing the earth.
Second round is based on how we treat the animals so in first case the turtles sometimes get stuck in that plastic thing and they grow with deformations. thats the shape i want to give to the can.
13000600_999924636744094_427740059_o tortuga plastico


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  1. Neko says:

    Very interesting turn to conceptual thinking!
    I have several suggestions, though…
    As I said in the lecture about “Emotional” design: evoking emotions through objects by using symbols can be a bit dangerous, as with any kind of symbolism we are in danger of telling our story in a too obvious or banal way, which greatly decreases the impact of our message.
    You are dangerously close to decrease the impact of your idea in the Earth sink and candle concepts. I think it’s because this sort of symbolism doesn’t appeal to our emotional side, but in a way is talking to our rational sides. I feel the main reason behind that is using Earth which is itself a symbol, and we all learned to care less about that symbol in the same way we don’t care much for white doves representing peace. Well, not quite the same way, I think the better metaphor is that we don’t care for Earth ecological well-being, the same way smokers don’t care about health warning: it’s a well known truth but it no longer strikes us at emotional level.
    What does still strike on emotional level is something that is closer to us, and relates more to our lives and present moment (I don’t mean “present moment” as in buddhism, but as in present vs. whatever will happen in 50 years). So I would advise try to express the same concepts avoiding Earth, but having something else. Maybe a sink whose bottom is shaped like a city (with buildings and streets) so we not only see the abstract image of earth being flooded (which we obviously don’t care for), but something more close to us – individual buildings, streets, which makes us easier to envision the impeding catastrophe that will soon start happening around the globe. So cut this long story short – I think the way to get into emotional zone is to show more of an individual suffering, rather than planet as a hole.

    The other concept, of distorted animals, can result in a very beautiful (if disturbing) objects, which is good. However, this kind of concept requires a very good and precise execution in order to be understood. Otherwise it will be read just as a curious shape, but without a back story. I am not sure what exactly you would do to increase the visibility of the concept.

    Don’t take this as a critique, I’m just pointing out some dangers in the concepts you have. I might advise you do several short brainstorming exercises, 5-10min each, similar to what we done in class. Maybe what you would want to do is create two lists: one list of all environmentally friendly (or catastrophic) ideas that you’d want to explore, and another list of household objects. Then pull one environmental idea and one object at random, and try to quickly (in a few minutes) tell a story about that idea through object. Then repeat this for all ideas, pulling random objects. This will maybe open you up to some associations and connections that are less obvious but that could be impactful.

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