Class 3E

Good evening,

First, I’d like to say that I’m sorry because these previous sessions I haven’t been into the tasks 100% and I haven’t uploaded much stuff on the website either. That’s why I’m also submitting some sketches that helped me to get the idea of my object.

Basically, my object is a belt, that can be customize with some accessories, which let you carry some objects with you.

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Interesting, but I think you should focus more on accessories and less on the belt itself. Make accessories your design, and they should work with any belt. Let's try to do at least a range of 3 simple accessories, and imagine them in plastic (ie. something you can 3D print maybe). Also try to find something that makes these different from the products that already exist on market. In order to do that, maybe you want to "invent" some kind of special customer with a very specific needs - limiting your "target market" can offer you interesting insights, sometimes better than trying to solve a problem for everybody.