Class 3E
:(first of all, sorry for my ‘crafting’ skills I know my prototype doesn’t look like a microphone but it is REALLY difficul to imitate that shape modeling with hands…

Anyway, I made this prototype to check how to introduce the phone and how it would work in the shower. The main idea is to create a plastic (or any other water proof material) for the phone with a microphone shape (there are some people who loves to sing in the shower, and it is super exciting to use something and pretend it is a microphone… so this case will also work as a shower-entertainment)

I played with the microphone shape and got to the conclusion that dividing that case in half would be the best option to intruduce the phone. Besides, that case will have a ‘hole’ (not a real hole, it will have some kind of elastic plastic on it, so you can touch it without getting your phone wet) that will redirect you to Siri and by voice control you will be able to change the song you are listening to.

I also asked a few questions to people and concluded that even though this kind of microphone is not the one we see everyday, is the most liked one.

To sum up, talking with people, I found that the best way to hold it from the ceiling (it makes it cooler to sing with AND it doesnt disturb you while you are showering. Also, if the string that holds it is long enough and you have a bath tube, you can ‘move around’ and perform your shower-show better.

DSC_0011Hope you like it, still sorry for my crafting skills 😀
DSC_0012 DSC_0013 DSC_0014 DSC_0016IMG_20160420_212912_026 microfono

(This is the type of microphone I want to represent)


Great :) I hope no iPhone was broken while making the prototype. :)