Session 3E | Apr 21, 2016

Session 3E | Apr 21, 2016


Houssame Khairane

UPDATE – G-KIT_AA01 (provisionnal name).

The whole idea has seen itself transformed from an unconvinient design represented as a helmet+kit, which was something that would not be ethical in *all* situations, to a simple jacket or vest (wearable on a daily basis ).


NEW : 


Scan 21 Apr 2016 22.33 page 4Scan 21 Apr 2016 22.33 page 2Scan 21 Apr 2016 22.33 page 1 Scan 21 Apr 2016 22.33 page 5  Scan 21 Apr 2016 22.33 page 3


*I noticed that some of my last sketches got lost, so I could not upload them. Apologies, my bad.


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  1. Neko says:

    Hey this are pretty awesome sketches. Just from looking at them, I can’ t quite figure out what the product you’re making is – I assume you have picked one attachment device of all that you listed here? Don’t let the photos of the prototype not upload for “unknown reason”. Open them in Photoshop, resize them down to about a 1000px longer side (good enough for the website) and save as JPG under different filename – and they will sure upload :)

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