Session 2C | Dec 09, 2015

Session 2C | Dec 09, 2015

presentation poster

Paula Lopez Vallespir
image imageiterationweb

This is the very beginning of the render. But im still not sure about the view im showing because i think the background looks a bit weird. what do you think?

image iteration10


This is what Im doing but im not sure about the view and the materials. Im so sorry Neko but im so lost with this. I also try to put the photo with he rocks that you put in your render but i dont know how to get it and use it here. Can you please help me a bit. Thanks Neko.

Thanks Neko for everything! I dont know if you will understand them but this is what i wanted, not sure anymore! Cause in in my mind it was looking much better! Sorry for disturbing you always




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  1. Neko says:

    I think it looks great, but I would try to mo d the camera to the right to reveal the staircase. So that we feel we are on the staircase, and climbing up. This will open up the space quite a bit. As for the background I love how the staircases lead to the cliff, but I am not sure exactly how your house relates to this landscape – do you have a section to show me (sketch is ok)? Just so I could understand well what the relationship between the house and this landscape should be.
    I mean the image itself looks very logical to me, but if it looks weird to you, it probably means that I am misreading your project from this image.
    1) camera move to the right, as if we’re standing on a staircase.
    2) send me (a sketch of a ) section, so I could be sure about the landscape.

    Great work!

  2. Neko says:

    Section: yes I assumed this was the section, this means that your background is not quite right.
    Let’s take a moment to see how the sight lines from this point look like:

    This means that we will see some of the rocks / landscape very close to your house, and not far away from the house as in your rendering.
    I would try and do something like this:

    This is not quite correct perspective again because I expect that you will change the view a bit to reveal more stairs, but the point is to have something very close up front, and then maybe reveal the fortress in the back. I mean I’m not quite sure if even this background is too rocky and not enough green, but definitely it will be something more closer to the house.
    See this PSD file where you have the composition, you can probably use this (if the image size is big enough), and move the fortress up/down until it feels right with your new composition:
    Download PSD background

  3. Neko says:

    Don’t feel lost, you’re doing alright!
    The view is quite cool. Some advice:
    – First, can you send me a sketch to see how this view will look on poster and the organization of the rest of the poster?
    – That sketch can affect somewhat the camera position and view proportions (I see the latest render is more vertical than the previous one, so I’d like to see the overall composition to figure out which proportion works the best).
    – Background: not sure how to use what I sent you, but you can fake
    – I like a little better the sunlight you had on the previous sketch, because there were more areas lit up – now the most of the house is in the shadow.
    -I feel your camera could be slightly wider angle, can you tell me what the current lens length for your perpsective is? (you can see that in Properties tab, when you have no object selected – if you select an object than the Properties tab shows the properties of the object, not the view). I think lens at around 24mm would look good (more wide angle, more dramatic view).
    – Also, maybe you want to turn your “head” slightly up. This will have even more “diagonal” dramatic perspective, plus you will see less landscape on the right side. This will also reveal slightly more the hole in the ceiling which looks quite cool.
    – Don’t worry too much about materials. White like this looks very nice.
    – Books: you started very well, although I would suggest you use some ‘white’ books, not these super-old-historic books. Try searching google for “White Books” there are quite a few images you can use to copy around.

    Ok, to continue:
    – I’d like to see the entire poster (sketch at least) to understand the context of this image (within the composition of the poster).
    – Try slightly different camera angle. More wide-angle camera lens, and looking slightly more up (to see the hole in the ceiling and to have vertical lines converge more giving the more dramatic/diagonal perspective). When I say “looking up”, I don’t mean to move the camera (pan camera) up, but rotate camera (as if you are turning your head towards the ceiling).
    – When you do the tests: don’t do post-production in Photoshop, and don’t render the big image, just do Render Preview (small resolution, don’t waste time waiting for the big image to render, see Winter Scene the step where I do the preview, and not the render).
    Ok, let me know if all this is too confusing. But you’re doing very fine, so don’t worry…. :)

  4. Neko says:

    ps. you can also try to turn your “head” towards left (up, too). by this you will get asymmetrical composition where you will almost see no window on the right side (keep it in, though but just a little bit), and more on the left side. This will make putting the background easier because you will not see the direct “contact” between the house and the ground. It may complicate a bit putting the books, though…

  5. Neko says:

    Here’re a couple of sketches:

    This one shows the possibility of more dramatic view (see how vertical converge).

    This view use 2-Point Perspective (see Properties, where Lens Length is), to do completely opposite, and keep vertical lines – vertical. I also made the view more asymmetric. Finally, I added the armchair and a person reading (or whatever is happening on that level), to show that this space on top of the shelves is a floor space – actually this is my assumption: is this floor, on top of each shelf?

  6. Paula Lopez Vallespir says:

    Yes! The self is just the element that separates the different areas of the house as it was a one room house! I will try to do something like you did. Thanks again

  7. Neko says:

    Poster sketch: cool but watch out the proportions of what you sketched are such that the rendering is more narrow than 30cm ( if its 30cm its half a poster but you sketched more narrow rendering: just saying so you could avoid surprises)

  8. Neko says:

    Rendering sketch also looks good but you would need a higher camera. Anyway i still suggest u try the view i sketched: the second one ( with 2point perspective), forget about the first one i proposed

  9. Neko says:

    Poster v1 (with image with white people): Looks good! I assume the white space near the bottom right corner is reserved for another image (rendering or a photo of the model), right?

  10. Neko says:

    “Cause in in my mind it was looking much better!” haha it’s always like that. But with time and experience, you will make better connection between visualization in your mind and what you end up doing! It’s a process…
    It looks really good. Although, I must say I like the lighting and shadows better in the first image you posted… :)

    • Paula Lopez Vallespir says:

      Yes! Im going to take a photo of the model as soon as i finish and put it. I also like the first linghting more but i could get it back. :( thanks for everything Neko:)

  11. Paula Lopez Vallespir says:

    Also do we need a title and our name in the poster?

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