Preparing the render

Class 2C

Hello Neko, I finally have some questions for you about the render.

I ve done the rhino model and was trying to set up lights. Two problems came up.

1)The first one is about the glass- I have a glass tube ‘skylight’ penetrating the house and when almost 100% transparent glass overlays, it looks awful, how can I solve this?

2) Second is the artificial sun I made. The boundary between light and shade is too strong, how can I blend those to get a softer light?

Here’s the preview:

for neko

Thanks in advance!

rener fot ujalI did the terrain in rhino because I found it easier, however, can I make the foreground look less flat without spending the whole day adding stones etc?
Preview Poster IF DIHere is my first rough sketch in photoshop:

At first I wanted the poster to be vertical but then I decided to make it horizontal so that my render would take the top half of the poster.

Render with just the rocky terrain added:


Aaand here is my final step for this moment, however I am going to work more on it -add people, fix the lighting and colour etc.

Can you help me out with the mountains because I don’t think they look right?


As well, I ve just realized  that the shading brush is too soft and visible, I ll change that.

What else do you think should be corrected/ added?



Looking very well! The skylight: its too strong try just keeping the glass frames visible and take out the glass altogether. Sun sharp shadows: theres not much you can do with Rhino render, except maybe use a very small size rectangular light instead of directional
Thanks! The frames idea worked out much better and I changed the hard lighting on photoshop, I, going to post some of the process now
Oops, and the sky probably shouldn't be blue, I actually like the sky more on the picture where there is just light colour background
Hey ok, here are the comments: I think the overall image is too dark, and it's too hard to tell the building from the rock. Maybe that was the concept, to camouflage the building, but still it looks too much Photoshopping had basically blurred the limit between architecture and the environment. So I would rather go with a more "daytime" view, in order to see everything better. Especially because if you really chose such a nocturnal image, you should really have interior lighting turn off, which brings a huge range of complexities that you probably don't want to deal with right now :) One detail, see how the rocks make a natural 'step' for your building to sit on (the lower white line). I think you should position your building so that it really sits on the top of that natural feature (right now your building sits too high, see the upper line). Then you'd need some sun shadow that your building casts on the surrounding. Then I'd also move entire house/composition to the right to emphasize the asymmetry of the image (which is what your view is attempting anyway). Also, you need to add a bit of a "story", adding people doing -something-... The position of the figures I sketched below comes in naturally with this composition. See below.
In a few words: - brighten up so we can actually see the building - make a more 'honest' connection between the building and the rock (+take advantage of the natural "step" in the rock) - add people - go easy on photoshop brushes :) - optional: make composition more asymmetric
About the connection between the rock and the building, I wanted the building to sit on the rock with only half of its base, so the building actually sits on your lower line right now, the upper line shows the volume which is suspended. I guess its not clear enough, I ll put less shadows there to make it look right. Thank you so much Neko!