Session 1B | Nov 11, 2015

Session 1B | Nov 11, 2015


Paula Lopez Vallespir


4 responses to “POSTER”

  1. Neko says:

    I love the drawings, and regret that they are not having more impact in this composition! I will sketch you some suggestions later.

    Ok, here are the comments!
    See my suggestions on the image below, and the image and the bottom contains guidelines I mention in the comments.

    First, I think you don’t gain anything to have two photos, so it’s better to choose ONE that have lots of impact (or chose 3).

    Then see how I arranged this drawing in the rule of 1/3 (red guidelines).
    I also extended the grey color of the paper background to the edges of the poster This will require to do smooth out the edges of the photo in Photoshop, or take a better photo -which I suggest- that doesn’t have your own shadow in the bottom part of the screen.

    Now we fit text into a negative shape of the girl.

    First, note the yellow rectangle from the top of the poster down to the top of the head of the girl (top 1/3 of image). This is out “white space” where we want to put the title, and to position is neatly, note how I treat entire title (with your name below) as one visual element centered in that imaginary “yellow rectangle” so that all the distance around text is the same (blue arrows).

    Note how all text is left edge-aligned (blue vertical line).
    ALso, the dates are now top edge-aligned with the top of the head.
    Note how that “yellow rectangle” is actually subconciously visible on the image because of the effect of “closure” that dates and the top of the head create.

    Then note the grouping of the text according to meaning – title with your name, dates separately to have more impact, and then gallery info.
    Also note the difference in text size and color to maintain the hierarchy of text (big=more visible, draws attention, and small = need to come closer to read).

    Then note how the text is arranged so that the distance between the title/name and the dates is the same as distance between the date and the gallery info (blue arrow).

  2. Neko says:

    Also, the use of Futura font, which is geometrically perfect (ie. “O” and “G” are like a prefect circle), both gives order to the image and have slightly retro feeling.

  3. Paula Lopez Vallespir says:

    Thanks for the feedback, i will take everything into acount for the next project; and its amazing how your suggestions change the final outcome and the message. :)

  4. Neko says:

    Glad you liked it. Alternatively, you could have chosen MORE images to show (at least 3), but that’s only if there was some particular point you’d want to show through the sequence of images. Usually it’s just easier to focus on one image. I suggest you take a look at other students’ comments (so far I just done about a half), there are lots of useful things you can pick up :)

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