Class 2C

I am very sorry for uploading this late and for not completing my poster yet. I have problem scanning my plan and sections but still have to work on model making…

For the upper image, I didn’t like the photo but this is the only one that I could chose from the IDEA and FORM that has the looking-down view.
Looking at other’s work, I noticed that it doesn’t have to be the photo from Idea and Form but I have little time left so I upload it here now…..

The second image is the view inside my house but again, no time to edit so I drew ppl on it.



I have a few comments that may greatly help you.
First, treat both images in the same way. So if you add manga people to one, then make the same people on the second one, too. Then also color balance both images in the same way, so that in both images the wood have the same color, etc...

I really like the color treatment of the upper image, where your house has some blue-ish tones in the shadow, and the wood is very bright and intense color. I would try to do the same thing to the interior image, so that they both have the same contrast and color treatment. And same people treatment, this time it's manga people -and plants!- on both images.

Now only another thing is that I think the perspective of the top image is not correct. This is IMPORTANT to fix!
You have to lower the camera quite a bit, so that the horizon of the camera coincides with the horizon of the background photo.
Something like attached.
Not perfect, but I analised that the "real" camera should be somewhere a few meters above the girl (because the terrain is not horizontal) but still not high enough to see the roof of the house.


Also: when draw people/books/plants, try to limit more your color palette. Try using 4 colors at most: skin color, and for example red and dark grey. Or something like that. If you are using green for plants (which is not necessary, you can use red-ish like autumn image), then you can also use green on people clothes too (but I wouldn't).


... also, my suggestion is when you do the color balance, do it as an adjustment layer over all other layers (people included), so that both rendering and your drawings of the people/plants/books get the final color treatment.
I think with fixing perspective and treating both images with same color balance and same kind of handmade people... it will look FANTASTIC! Thanks :)


In fact you can try even more simple style, see for example how interesting are the stylized people like these in works by Kazujo Sejima and Rye Nishizawa:

These are models, but it could work as a drawing over rendering even better (especially if you smooth the lines nicely in Illustrator).


Thank you for quick reply and lots of advice!
Actually I noticed that the perspective isn't right but since it took huge time to make render image by rhino, I rather struggled editing the background image to look like that they are in the same perspective, which was impossible...
Now I am working on model and doing rendering at the same time.
Hope it will be done on time....!


I don't think that image should render so slowly.
Do you have lots of glass? - if so, I suggest turn off the glass layer, it's not very visible anyway.
What is the image size of your render?
In the Render Settings > Antialiasing, what's the value you have? Is it 2x (best option for you) ?