Session 2C | Dec 12, 2015

Session 2C | Dec 12, 2015


Anita De Rosa
One room house 1

Hi Neko, this is my render, I would really know what you think about it and I need feedbacks to improve it, thank you!


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  1. Neko says:

    Hi Anita!
    There are several distracting things, first the brush work that you did is too obvious :)
    Then the materials, these are good (except the glass), but there is no skylight so practically it looks like the scene has no light.
    Finally, better use 2-point perspective to keep the vertical lines vertical. (Properties tab, see in, for example, Winter Scene tutorial, where I set the 2-point perspective I did when setting up the view).
    Also, the glass – I would better turn it off and do a render without it. Then fake the glass in Photoshop (tutorial on layer masks).
    But the first impression is: too much dark brush and not enough lighting. I think with these suggestions it will look way better.

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