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Maybe I can make the background totally black for the 3rd one.
But 2nd and 4th are my favorite.

Draft version2,3,4

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I suddenly get inspired by a drawing for horror movie that my friend showed me and tried new ways.


This needs to be modified.



Great start, I'll have a couple of suggestions in class :)


In addition to what we talked about in class (trying out various quick geometric compositions and colors for this image, in Illustrator), maybe you could try to do it without the outlines? I mean to avoid any kind of lines that stand between the two different colors, while it's ok to keep the lines that help to see the volume of the figure (like the ones that help to differentiate different body parts of the baby). Something like in the sketch below, I marked with red the type of lines to delete, and with green the ones to keep. This might help clean up the composition, as I feel that without the outlines the shapes will be more "visually powerful". But maybe I'm wrong, it's just a test. :)


By the way, I’m moving this post to 1C, so we could have only the finished work in 1D.


Thank you for your advice! I will try drawing another draft tonight.

Also, these are the portfolios that I mentioned during the class.


Wow, thanks - I am very impressed with the quality of the work and the diversity of styles! I now also understand where all those little screaming creatures on your poster sketches come from (the BoBos :)).


Thanks for these great new sketches! While the horror sketches are really well done and very interesting, they are too desaturated and muted for your idea to make a great poster. I think stronger colors would work well, and overall a cheerful visual composition that is contrast from what is being represented.
The new white composition, without the outlines - I like the no-outline style because it is approaching this clarity which is good for the poster, but again I think the baby and the rocket are too bright so don't provide enough contrast to the background as much as the earth does. If you squint your eyes slightly and look at the image (or look at your image from far away), you'll see you only see earth and the baby and the rocket are to faded away.

But I think the most important problem with is the composition, which doesn't seem to respond to the vertical format of the paper well. While I think white space is perfectly fine to have in any composition (you don't need to fill up entire format with things), looks like your drawing is just too horizontal for this format.
Take a look at some quick sketches below I made by pencil and pen, then colorized quickly in Photoshop.
You'll notice how I tried to find a good proportion and relationship between elements (earth, rocket and child head) that work better with the format. I have also added a line of text which can be helpful (although initally I told you don't necessarily need any text), something like "Are we mature enough?" or "Are we big enough for our toys?":
But yes, I would strongly suggest you work more on the composition, and as I told you, instead of drawing entire thing every time, you just do a quick small sketches it will help you focus your thinking on composition, and not on details (my skethes were about 3 x 4.5 cm each).
I know I ask you to do a lot of things, but really it's because you are already a very good artists, but there is always ways to improve :) So yes, just step back for a moment, try some compositions, and don't try to redraw the entire thing every time ;)


WOW! Thank you very much for taking time to make comments. This is very helpful. Somehow i did not think of changing the color of rocket which I should have studied the most.
You say that the one without outline looks better but
I feel it difficult to make the skin of baby outstanding from the white background. If the background is black, it would be easier though.


Drafts 5, 6, 7, 8: Looking really good! 6 and 8 are my favorites, especially 6 I think. Now just choose one and finish it - you are slightly late for the deadline but because you've put such an enormous amount of time into this work, I won't take that against you at all.
As for the baby skin/outline, I think if there is a contrast between the skin color and the background it will work without outline. I think that the skin color you have in 6 and 8 is dark enough to give good contrast and to be clearly visible without the outline.
But at any rate, do it as you like :) My suggestion is try to keep it simple and minimal, with focus on composition, colors and well defined shapes.
Thanks for all this amazing work :)