Class 3A
Painting: The Castle of the Pyrenees, 1959 by Rene Magritte.

Rationality will never limit me from dreaming and creating



Listen to music

Discover new artists

Visit art galleries/museums



Be in a natural/ outdoor space

Laugh and be in a friendly environment

 Things that pay well:

-I would imagine that a more “concrete” rather than “conceptual” place to work in, would be one with more monetary availability.

-I would also imagine that working for others as an executor (even though it wouldn’t be my dream) would give you less responsibilities and more guide lines for a project.

-Building a team and risking together, rather than being alone and “betting” on yourself only.

-Specialization would bring to the work I would do a more narrow selection of activities but at the same time it would be certainly recognized and compensated.

How I plan to maintain a good lifestyle and well-being…

I guess that I would have to always stay positive, even in the hardest moments, and  always be open and ready to embrace opinions or critiques. Furthermore, I think that having a company of people with whom I can share my same interests and passions would alleviate my way of living and perceiving reality. I plan on never giving up on my ideas, thus challenging myself always, pushing the furthest away the dull and boredom that usually comes along while growing up!! The most important “instrument” I will use to live happily and in peace with myself is LOVE.

Where you’d like to work/do internship?

I always envisioned architecture as a way to improve peoples lives. Unfortunately, nowadays, technology and evolution (to some extent) are pushing us aways from nature and the smallest and amazing details that surround us. Even though sustainable architecture has become for some a “trend” I truly believe in a new way of creating a world closer and integrated to nature, but at the same time compromised with the evolving world. I see myself somewhere, where these values are honestly felt and respected.


I have already interned for:

-Sycamore (http://www.sycamore.it)

Firms I plan to work for:

-Stefano Boeri Architetti (http://www.stefanoboeriarchitetti.net/it/portfolios/bosco-verticale-2/)

I don’t really imagine myself anywhere in this moment, I am sure different opportunities will come along, without me even realizing it  I could find myself in a totally different place! I also enjoy drawing, illustrating, object design and interior design, basically I am very open minded!!

Documents that will be included in my portfolio:

Completed CV which I will bring to class






 IE University

Bachelor in Architecture, 2016-2021

City University London

Undergraduate International Political Economy, Sept-December 2015

Marymount International School, Rome

International Baccalaureate, 2013-2015

San Giuseppe Demerode, Rome

Liceo Scientifico, 2011-2013

Marymount International School, Rome

Primary and Secondary school, 2002-2011


Community Service


Personal Highlights



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