Class 4C

Hi Neko, I have been thinking how to do the best photos of my model… and I got to the conclusion that I definetely need people on them so my object can properly tell the story.

Now, what I don’t know if it would be better to take some pictures of my object in the ‘perfect’ illumination conditions and then put a background image, or directly take the photos on a real bathroom…

What do you think?



You know, I was just thinking about your project a few minutes ago while I was in my bathroom. I thought "well, I have a cool bathroom, maybe I could take a photo for Nuria's background". But I couldn't take a good photo because the lighting conditions were bad. I suggest you take a good photo in studio, and then find some nice photo of the background on internet, maybe just of bathroom tiles. Taking photos in bathroom is super difficult because of reflections.