Photo layout

Class 4C
renderThe Vray you gave me didn’t work on my computer,,,,
But just to show you the new version of the shape.

The problem is my teeth are not beautiful enough to take photo.


Another sample for hero but it looks rather a bad guy.

Again I need someone whose teeth are more beautiful than mine.


Life Style.




These are some excellent sketches. You will do the renderings, right? Will you take advantage of the photo studio tomorrow and try to take photos for photomontage there? I think you can take photos of a person as well as a photo of the glass with tooth brushes on a table (just make sure you bring all you need to studio yourself). Also, try to find a good model - I mean it can be yourself but if you are not comfortable then I guess figure out which one of your friends has the nicest teeth and ask them to pose.


Yes! I will take photo at photo studio. I will bring my camera and all the materials I need.
(Deve will be my model!)


Great! I think the first photo would work better as a lifestyle as it shows how your product "fits" the teeth. The "mirror" photo below it looks much better as a image itself (GREAT composition!) but doesn't show the product in relation to its use so much.
Although you can add one thing to the mirror image to connect the toth more to the mouth:

Now what I added here (grey outline) is the hand and the toothbrush as seen in the mirror (which means you see the BACK of the hand and back of the toothbrush).
This makes the image very engaging because now we feel we are in position of the person looking and the mirror and holding the brush. The front of the hand and the brush, that you drew is what we see directly, while the back of it (my grey outline in the sketch) is what we see in the mirror. If you can pull this shot, that would look quite spectacular (maybe you want to take photos of both sketches, and see what works best in postproduction).


Also, my suggestion when you take the "hero" photo is to also have another toothbrush and put it in place where your rendering should be. Then in photoshop you replace that toothbrush with your rendering, BUT you have nice shadows that the toothbrush casts on the glass, so it looks more natural.


Thank you for useful advice!
I didn't think of making it like a mirror but that is very good idea...!
I have toothbrush whose shape is similar to the new design so Ill bring it to the photo studio.